From the expert collaboration of seasoned business solutions developers and real-world maritime industry practitioners

MINERVA was co-developed by ELOSOFT, INC. with its project partner, Training Resources and Management Foundation, Inc.

MINERVA, named after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, is a Learning Management System with unique features and functions that are designed to suit the peculiarities of maritime courses. The software was designed under tight collaboration with industry veterans and practitioners namely, CE Romeo C. Luzuriaga PhD, a well-respected authority in the field, and Capt. Walthor F. Maog, former Dean of PNTC Colleges, EdD, along with several others.

MINERVA is the learning management system designed for maritime by maritime.

ELOSOFT, Inc. and TRMF, Inc. have offices at GE Antonino Bldg., Kalaw Ave. cor. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila.